5 Wireless Headsets Under INR 1000

    Believe it or not, headsets have now become a necessity. No matter if you are traveling or just staying at home. There is always a pair of earphones that stays on your neck almost all the time. Do you think it is possible to get wireless headsets under INR 1000?.

    I know many of you might be thinking this range is too low. Even if you get something under this price, it won’t give you the performance you expect. But, some companies care about budget-conscious users like you.

    Wireless Headsets Under INR 1000

    So, if you are not willing to spend thousands of rupees on a pair of headsets, this article is for you.

    Let’s see what we have in this list of the 5 best wireless headsets under INR 1000.

    Zebronics Zeb-Bang Bluetooth Headset

    Here is our number one wireless headset. Zeb-bang Bluetooth Headset that comes with an excellent and extremely awesome design made by Zebronics. Wondering why that is? It’s because of these headsets.

    The great thing about these headsets is that they work for 16-long hours once charged completely. As far as its main specifications are concerned, you will see how well it supports AUX connectivity, media control, and call control.

    The price of these Zebronics headsets is around INR 1,500. However, if you purchase it from Amazon or Flipkart, you will surely get it under Rs 1000. Read on and find out what all great features it has.

    Features of Zeb Bang Headset:

    • These are both manual and Bluetooth with ear cups
    • The Bluetooth connectivity works well for under 10 meters.
    • It will cost you around Rs 900.
    • You can connect an AUX cable with it as well.
    • An ideal choice for gamers.
    • Catchy and awe-inspiring look.

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    i-Ball pulse-BT4

    i-Ball is one of the most amazing brands when it comes to sound accessories. This is why we have Pulse-BT4 on our list which is just awesome. The good thing about this one is that you will get around a 6- months guarantee. It's ideal for music streaming.

    The MRP of this one might cross the price range we are talking about. However, if you purchase it from Amazon or Flipkart, you will surely get it under INR 1000. Anyway, who cares about such ups and downs if the earphone gives you classy looks and tremendous sound quality.

    These over-the-head are compatible via Bluetooth and have an inbuilt microphone. You can connect it to all the smartphones and devices for a better, wireless, experience. The good thing is, it has decent sound quality.

    Features of i-Ball:

    • Pulse BT4 takes around 3-4 hours to charge fully
    • An ideal option for lightweight headsets
    • Excellent bass sound
    • Cushion comfort
    • Costs just about Rs 950
    1. Zebronics Zeb-Aura

    Here we have another over-the-head headset by Zebronics with in-built microphones. Zebronics Zeb-Aura is compatible with all smartphones and even computer systems. So, if you are a game lover, this is the best fit for you.

    Let’s see what all specifications we can expect from these earphones. You can easily pick/cut the call while using, there is an AUX connectivity option, media control, and dual pairing. Its Bluetooth connectivity range goes for 10 meters which is wow. Besides, this one takes up to 2.5 hours to charge completely. Once charged, you can use it for the next 7 hours.

    The build quality of Zeb Aura is pretty nice.  Its ear bands are easily adjustable and do not have any rigid design. Also, they have a cushioned interior for better comfort. What else? Down there are the features you can have a look at.

    Features Zebronics Zeb-Aura

    • You’ll get around a 1-year warranty
    • It supports both Bluetooth and manual headsets
    • It doesn’t have a deep bass sound
    • The cost of this one is around Rs 750. (Quite reasonable)

    Flipkart SmartBuy

    What do you think if we say that the e-com website Flipkart has its earphone brand? I am sure many of you may not go for it but this SmartBuy by Flipkart is totally worth the price you pay. These are comparatively the cheapest ones you can think of. Especially when you care more about sound quality than not so much about the price.

    It would be unfair if we do not mention that these headsets have the finest and the most amazing sound quality. SmartBuy has a battery of 300 mAH and driver units of 40 mm. Besides, a sleek design and cushion ear covering gives you comfort while concentrating on the task.

    SmartBuy by Flipkart has a jack where you can attach regular headphone wire. This works for versatile usability. Moreover, to charge, this one completely takes about 2 hours which is still fast enough.

    Features of SmartBuy

    • The metal design comes in 2 color options.
    • Excellent bass sound with premium quality.
    • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
    • You might have to pay a little extra, say Rs 80. But it's totally worth the price.
    • It costs you around Rs 1090.

    Leaf Bass Wireless

    If looks are something you are very concerned about, Leaf Bass Wireless is something that you would love to have. It has a black, elegant look and a gorgeous body. Its headband is extremely comfortable and adjustable. You can easily control the headphone from their right-side ear cover.

    One great thing about Bass Wireless is that it’s super lightweight for high activity as well. Talk about its sound quality? This one gives you a pretty decent sound with loud music. However, you can see right in front of its packaging, if you charge this headset for 20 minutes, you can use it for the next 4 hours. Isn’t that amazing?

    Bluetooth vs Wired Headsets

    Bass Wireless over-the-head headset is quite steady which makes it great for sports purposes. These have a microphone and a rechargeable 10-hour backup. How great!!! Besides, it is super comfortable because of its cushion-like headband and ear-rest.

    Features of Leaf Bass:

    • Get a 1-year warranty with it.
    • This works for straight 10 hours.
    • They are super-sports friendly.
    • It works for 10 meters of distance.
    • Works for both wired and wireless.
    • There is a passive noise isolation feature.
    • Costs around Rs 999.


    Now that you have the list of the 5 best headsets under INR 1000, you are good to go. Plus, the good news is that they are wireless. So, no disturbance. What are you waiting for? Go and grab the deal ASAP.