Top 10 Dominating Technologies this Year

    As we all know, people always hunt for new technology trends in the market. We are always eager to learn about new technology updates so that we can arrange our budgets accordingly. This year, companies are too much active and they showed their advancement in the field of technology from technology hardware to autonomous cars.

    Awareness about technology leads you to arrange a better budget and enables you to learn new things in the market. We are come up with the top technology trends which will be most popular by the end of this year. Following are the top technology trends which are expected to dominate in this year, 2018.

    Convertible Tablets and Laptops

    These days, simple finger touch technology gadgets like laptops and tablets are smoothing the way for more advanced and capabilities rich products which could be convertible with more robust and rich technology.

    If we talk about the Lenovo X1 Yoga, which is convertible and can be folded behind the screen and acts in the tablets mode which is quite fascinating. The bottom line of this technology is that it is providing more functionality and a high degree of user-friendliness in the tablets and laptops.

    Smart Home Devices

    When people think about smart home devices they just can’t help themselves to think about Amazon’s Alexa and this true up to a maximum extent. But from the start of 2018, the competition among the products has been increased as other products of this category have also been launched in the market.

    These days Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, and Google Homes are having great competition among themselves.

    Virtual Reality

    These days everyone seems to agree that the augmented reality will surpass the virtual reality in this year. The fact can’t be ruled out that virtual reality is still growing across the globe but in more developed countries it seems that augmented reality will replace it in the near future.

    Augmented reality enables its users to engross themselves while keeping them connected. Most of its implementation can be witnessed on mobiles.

    Compassionate Robots

    In this year, the robots will not be limited to the housework they will go a long way. The robots will be providing companionship and entertainment at the same time. If we talk about the Sonnax, it is a companion robot which is made to help you stay awake and fall you sleep.

    Honda exhibited robotic technology in which great artificial intelligence was also witnessed. Companies made the robots which are just like human and capable of showing compassion by facial expressions.

    Chip Battle

    The war of computing chips is escalating day by day. As we have already witnessed a combo chip system which is capable of providing extensive computing power, more memory, longer battery life, and highest graphics capabilities. Recently, Intel launched a new chip which can incorporate with AMD graphic models.

    NVidia also decided not to pull itself back and launched amazing chips which are very much capable of giving pleasure and entertainment to the Gamers community.

    Domination of Artificial Intelligence

    This artificial intelligence is at peak and giving its lovers everything smarter and intelligent. This year is expected to be the year of everything smarter. We can expect smarter vehicles, smarter consumer goods, smarter tech and it solutions even the smarter cities could be made possible in this proceeding in the technology.

    Health Sensors

    Technology in the health sector has revolutionized this sector already while the introduction of health sensors acted as the catalyst to this filed. Sensors have been launched which are quite capable to improve one’s health. Sleep and awakening sensors are serving at the best possible level.

    5G Technology

    Desires for the fastest internet technology will not hold people back from getting it. As the preparation for the launch of 5G technology is underway. It will help people to enjoy multi gigabits downloading speed which would be like as some ancient dream become true.

    It is just the beginning of a new era in the internet world, you can expect some more miracles in this filed as well.

    Autonomous Cars

    Development in the digital industry has made its way to the automotive industry as well. We are not just discussing driverless cars, although, they are worthy to be discussed the overall driving experience in the vehicles has been revolutionized in this year.

    Dashboard companies have integrated mobile apps and internal/external cameras which brought the Alexa technology in the vehicles and people are capable of quickly scheduling, shopping and music on just simple commands which is quite fantastic to experience.

    Smart Cities

    Sensor technology has made its way to the infrastructure department with its complete flourishes. Public health and safety departments are major examples. You can imagine, you won’t be needing to search for parking because you will be informed by the all open spots and you will be paying thanks to the sensors for their greater assistance.

    We believe smart cities will make us smarter and help us to save precious resources and time, because once a wise man said, “time is money.”

    So, those are the dominating technologies of 2018 and 2019.