How to Fix Sprint Error 67 Data Call Failure Problem

    A note in the beginning. Proceed completely at your own risk. In case you are not careful, it can be harmful for your phone. Be very cautious and follow each and every step properly with 100% attention. So, we will be learning how you can fix Sprint Error 67, Data Call Failure problem on prepaid phone.

    Fix Sprint Error 67 Data Call Failure Problem

    Are you receiving an error message on your phone that simply states “Data Call Failure” in approximately every 10 seconds? Is your data service non-existent even after paying for unlimited plans? Have you searched for this on Google but still unable to find out a working solution for this problem? Well, if the answers of all these questions are in affirmation, you really need to go through this article. I am sure after reading this you will be jumping out of happiness.

    After putting in efforts and time in so many searches, I failed to find anything relevant and working. Trying resets, updating profile/PRL, etc. were all in vain. Finally, I called Sprint customer care. A lady support executive helped me out in updating my data profile, which was quite different than resetting it.

    All you have to do is get into the SCRTN menu.

    It will ask you an EPST code.

    Fill the field with ##72786#.

    After this, a window will be prompted asking for your password. This is where you have to input your MSL.

    After this, a dialog box saying “The 4 listed values will be set back to factory default.

    Press ”OK” to confirm will be displayed on your screen.

    As you hit OK, it does its job and then reboots your device.

    After it is done with the rebooting process, it will start with the hands-free activation process.

    This will bring the things back to their place.

    I hope everything goes right with you as well. As they worked out for me.

    All the best..!