How to Check for Latest Asha Phone Software Updates

    Guide on How to Check for Latest Asha Phone Software Updates.

    When it comes to firmware updates for Android smartphones, everybody knows about it. The news spread like fire among everybody. On the contrary, there are hardly any updates for Windows or Symbian phones. The Asha series of smartphones by Nokia run on Nokia Asha OS and like other Windows, it barely receives any updates.

    But how do the users can get notified about an update of their Nokia Asha phone? And if there is an update, do you really know how to update your phone with that latest update? We will provide you with an answer.

    Your Asha phone has a feature to auto check for the available updates but the problem is that this works only with an enabled mobile data connection. The phone can be updated either by connecting your handset to PC and using the Nokia PC Suite or by Over the Air update, i.e. OTA.

    When you have connected your phone to a Wi-Fi network, and if there is an update available for your phone, you will receive a notification for the same. You just have to click on the notification and hit the button “Update”. Your phone will begin getting updated to the latest firmware version available for your phone. The option “Release Notes” tells about all the details of the update like the new features included in it.

    Nokia Asha Update

    But if you have not got any such notification for the available updates, you can also check it manually. Follow the process mentioned below -

    1. But make sure your phone is connected to a mobile data connection or a Wi-Fi connection.
    2. Go to the Settings menu and click on “Phone Update” option.
    3. It will take few minutes and will let you know about the available updates for your phone if any.
    4. Whenever an update is available, the following details will be there on your phone’s screen -
      • Size of the update file
      • Approximate installation time
      • Description about the update
    5. Just hit the download button and follow the further steps that appear on your phone’s screen. Your phone will be updated to the latest version within moments.

    So that will bring you the latest software on your device.