How to Backup/Restore Lost IMEI on Samsung Galaxy Android phones

    NV-items_reader_writer tool: A smartphone with no network connectivity makes no sense and if your phone isn’t registered to any network you’re missing out on the seamless functionality a net-connected smartphone could offer. Amid several factors losing IMEI- international mobile equipment identity- is the top reason for connectivity loss.

    Samsung devices running on Android have been seen to lose IMEI much more than other carriers. Why? IMEI data is stored separately in EFS partition on Flash memory’s root. If this gets corrupted, you lose IMEI and cannot net-register. An IMEI data wipe can occur during firmware update, a wrong firmware installation or custom ROM installation, the last one being the most common reason.

    You can back up IMEI and restore it on your Samsung Galaxy Android phone. Here are the steps for doing so.

    IMEI Loss during Firmware Update/ New Installation: Here since the device also loses root access, use ‘NV Items Reader Writer’ tool which has been tested on non-rooted Galaxy S3 and works well on other Samsung devices if you use the code to open ‘PhoneUtil’ menu.

    • Download Extract it on the computer. Samsung USB drivers should be pre-installed on computer and USB debugging should be performed on phone.
    • Dial *#7284# from the phone.
    • Select Qualcomm USB-settings. Check RMNET+DM+MODEM, press OK.
    • Connect the phone to the computer through USB, launch NV-items_reader_writer.exe as administrator.
    • Save item 00550 with NV reader/writer. Write backup directly to phone for IMEI backup.
    • For entire NV data backup, read phone with default values [Range (Dec):00000-65535].
    • Dial *#7284, select Qualcomm USB-settings and check MTP+ADB.

    On IMEI Loss/ Corruption:

    • Note IMEI that is given below phone battery or phone box.
    • Backup the corrupt IMEI file, open it with NotePad++ or other text editors.
    • Separate IMEI number into 2-digit blocks starting from the second digit.
    • Add A after the first digit and then reverse sequence of every 2-digit sett of the number. Once you’re done, add 08 to the beginning of this sequence.
    • Now, replace first nine values in NV block with this sequence.
    • Click ‘Write’ button on NV-items_reader_writer tool.
    • Disconnect device and reboot.
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    So with that, you have backup and restore the lost IMEI number on Samsung Android phones.