How to Embed Instagram Videos on Web

    In this guide check out How to embed Instagram videos on Web.

    Instagram happens to be one of the most popular web portals which allow people to share things that they have clicked and that they would want the world to see. And with time Instagram developed too. Instagram Video is also one of those features. It allows people to create all kinds of short films and videos but it has a problem, which is people cannot share what they create on their website, and sadly this feature isn’t even available. Following guide explains how to embed Instagram videos on the web easily.


    Embed Instagram Videos

    Hence here is a step by step guide as to how can a person embed Instagram videos-

    1. Use the given Google Chrome to open the video that you have made and to embed it. Once opened proceed to the next step.
    2. You should not play the video. Instead one has to look for an option called ‘Inspect Element’ which can be found when we right click on it.
    3. After that one has to look for the code of the video. The src parameter would be given and that is what we have to follow and copy and properly. But it has to be seen that the one that we use is inside the parenthesis and not outside.
    4. Many a time it happens that one is unable to copy what one is asked too so if that happens one can always click on it. One will see that a new tab has opened up. Hence this tab will also contain the URL of the given editor one can copy that and again go back to the editor of the blog. If you are not using this then you might be using an editor of other kinds, of any other platform that you might have been using to do the needful, whether the editing or anything that you would have been doing because of your video. Whatever you doing basically to edit your blog or the website you were using.
    5. Now all you need to do is past the respective URL of the video that you have just copied to the parameter of the src of the code that is embedded and that have already been mentioned above in they given steps.
    6. After you have done everything steps wise like it is given above, most probably you have already succeeded in copying the respective video that was there on Instagram or that you might have created on Instagram on the website that you were working on.

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