Download WhatsApp for Java Phones, Nokia Symbian Phones

    Do you like WhatsApp-ing but don’t own an Android phone..Well here is a good news for you. WhatsApp is now officially available for the Nokia handsets running on Symbian OS. The sad part is the number of Nokia phones compatible with WhatsApp are very few. If you want to use WhatsApp, download it now for your Nokia (Symbian) and Java phone.

    If you are unsure about the fact that whether your Nokia phone supports WhatsApp or not, then you must check if your handset supports Java. If it does, it may support WhatsApp too.
    Start downloading and installing WhatsApp on your phone. If it does not, don’t worry, as our team is working to bring this app for your handset soon.

    Features of WhatsApp for Nokia Phones

    • Let’s have a look on what features WhatsApp provides for Nokia phones.
    • Like every other phone, using WhatsApp you can send unlimited number of free text messages to all your friends who too use
    • WhatsApp. There are some features of WhatsApp on Android and iOS running smartphones which may not work on Nokia phones.
    • Expect a totally different user interface of WhatsApp on your Nokia handset as compared to the one which is there on Android and iOS running smartphones. It is not so impressive but is still easy to use and understand. WhatsApp has grown so popular that users only want this messaging app on their phone anyhow without caring for the UI.
    • WhatsApp even features some emoticons and graphical smileys to help you express better. You can even share pictures and videos with your friends but up to a limited size only.

    Download WhatsApp for Symbian & Java Phones

    Other smartphone users can also share voice notes and funny GIF stickers using WhatsApp but these features are not supported by WhatsApp version of Nokia phones.

    Once downloaded, the app will get installed on your phone. Once you are done with installation of WhatsApp, you need to add your personal information and then it imports all your contacts from your phonebook and displays you a list of all your friends using WhatsApp.

    You can download WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java phones by following the download link mentioned here. It’s time to say goodbye to the old SMS messages which were high on your pockets as well as lack some cute emoticons.

    Download WhatsApp for Java Phones