Download Ubuntu Launcher for Android – Ubuntu Launcher APK

Are you an ardent lover of Android phone launcher? I love the Ubuntu OS and if any wants to get Ubuntu phone preview, then here comes Ubuntu Launcher for Android available in the form of APK. We provide you details on how to download Ubuntu Launcher APK and install it on your existing device.

Ubuntu Launcher

There have been so many different kinds of operating systems in the market and also in the different kinds of phones. One cannot really experience the feel of using each and every kind of operating systems which have existed and which continue to exist but one can definitely use something which is new in the market and is being the talk of the town.


The above-mentioned item is something that can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play Store or else one can look for it up on the internet. On the internet, the link sites are given from where you can download the item.

This is one thing that the people of this generation are opting for more and more, and certainly, there are reasons behind it.

Ubuntu Launcher Features

This comes with the fallowing features or characteristics –

  • It comes in the phone which it has produced.
  • It is absolutely new and can be hardly downloaded on any other phone which might just support some other operating system.
  • There are videos on the internet which tells you how smooth and easy it is to use this on and Android phone
  • One swipe can make you get to your favorite apps without much effort.
  • There is side bar that comes to life when using this and the density of it can be changed and regulated.
  • There are themes for it too.
  • The apps here can be recorded.
  • And ones favorite app can be launched from anywhere that one wants.

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Download Ubuntu Launcher APK

If you want to download Ubuntu Phone launcher, then click the link below and transfer the file to your phone storage (internal/external) and using any File Manager app, navigate to the device location and tap on it to begin installation.

Download Ubuntu Launcher APK