Download RoadTrippers App – RoadTrippers iPA, APK

    There are so many new apps which have been sighted in the Google Play store and one of the latest ones is the Road Trippers App, which comes with new and improved features. RoadTrippers is the best app available for any one planning to have a road trip in United States.

    RoadTrippers Road Trip Planner

    This is a companion site, and if we notice in certain countries this is one app which is the fastest growing one. this lets you look over a number of places, which might just be more that 100k and lets you search under the titles of hotels, breweries, locations, dine-ins, restaurants etc. the bucket list helps you save the places you like and would visit later.

    This also provides you with turn by turn navigation and provides you with accurate direction lists. It lets you plan all the trips that you have in mind, and also sync the trips that you might have planned on its website. This helps you to use the map to plot it and then provide you with a direction list.

    RoadTrippers Features

    It has certain remarkable features -

    • Turn by turn directions and navigation made easier.
    • Details of a place are provided like photos, numbers, addresses, maps and description.
    • Trip itineraries can be synced and planned.
    • Bucket list lets you save the places you like and let you sync stuffs with the website.
    • You can look for loads of places anytime, anywhere.
    • Lets you upload photos and also view them.
    • You can add your own places, leave comments and also view other comments.
    • Has no bugs issue now and has easy installation processes.

    Apart from all these features there is something new to that this app would provide, that is, that you can add new features and details about a place so that someone else reading or looking for it can get the details too. This app is an all-rounder.

    Download RoadTrippers

    It can be downloaded free of cost and like mentioned above it is available in the Google Play store for Android and App Store for iPhone.

    Roadtrippers for iOS Devices

    Roadtrippers for Android