Download Nokia PC Suite for Windows 8/7/XP

    Nokia is one of the leading brands in the smartphone industry. Like all the smartphones, Nokia phones also required to be directly connected to computer systems for transferring files and for other multiple functions. However, these functions are done using Nokia PC Suite for Windows.

    Nokia PC Suite for Windows

    Nokia PC Suite has been designed to give multiple benefits to its customers. The tool not only helps the users to send SMS messages through their computers but also offers some irresistible benefits. The users can not only send and receive messages, but create a backup and delete the SMS messages using this suite. Nokia PC Suite turns the mobile phone to a modem using which internet can be accessed from computer through mobile data. Nokia PC suite also allows the users to access and create backup of the contacts stored in the phonebook. Users can also access the files and folders created in the phone, edit and delete them quite easily.

    With the use of this tool, the users can also change ringtones or themes quite easily. Tasks management also made easy with this tool. An interesting feature about this software is that the users can enhance the quality of music files while transferring them from computer to the phone. Nokia PC suite also helps the users to look for the latest software for the phone and download and update them easily.

    Nokia PC Suite Features

    The above benefits definitely attract a user to do easier tasks using Nokia PC Suite. To add on to these, the tool also offers very easy interface. This free tool looks elegant, yet it has a simple interface. Nokia PC Suite for Windows is available for download from the Nokia website. It is a 66 MB executable file and gets downloaded much faster. Although the suite runs best on Windows 7 or Windows 8, but also on Windows XP. It also supports Windows 8.1 as well.

    Download Nokia PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP