Download Java Offline Installer for Mac & Windows Laptops & PCs

    Java Offline Installer for Mac: Install Java on Mac and Windows laptops and computers easily. Just follow the guide.

    Java offline installer is something that people are looking forward to downloading these days. It is very important to know how to download it the right way. Provided here the possible solution through which you can install Java JDK (latest version) on all the web platforms like Windows(Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista), Mac, Linux, Solaris PCs, and computers.

    Java Offline Installer

    The latest version of Java can be somehow downloaded from the links that have been provided on certain websites but there are other methods too. Oracle organization developed the most popular and useful programming language of all times, Java. Till date it is managed by the same. It compatible application on any device, whether mobile or PC can only be run after it is installed and configured thereafter carefully.

    One can look for the links on which when clicked it will be downloaded free and in a trouble-free manner. But since one is going to use this, there are things and features that we need to know about before we begin afresh. Java 7 version is what is available now and it is expected that another version would be out soon.

    There are certain features that this offline installer has:

    • All the security bugs have been fixed
    • The performance has improved
    • Improvements in UI
    • Features are new for networking
    • The language support system has improved
    • Translucent and shaped Windows find a better use
    • Pipeline or Xrender
    • Watch services
    • It has never been this flexible
    • Multi threads statements have seen new improvements
    • Conversion type is automatic now
    • It can now support as many languages
    • API is ready and multi core
    • The feature of final rethrow
    • Multi-catch feature
    • Underscore in numbers is also allowed now
    • Switch statements can now use strings
    • Diamond operators

    Download Java Offline Installer

    You can download Java offline installer for the respective computer that you own from the source given below -

    Java for Windows

    Since Windows been a popular platform, there is just one single Java Installer for different Windows version. Don't worry about the version of Windows, just download and install Java from the source link below.

    Download Java JDK Offline Installer for Windows OS

    Java for Mac OS

    For Mac OS X, you can download it from the given link below -
    Java JDK Standalone Installer for MAC

    Java for Linux

    Download Java for Linux from the following links given below -

    Java for Solaris

    Download Java for Solaris from the source link given below -

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    Once Java is downloaded and installed, you need to enable Java in your computer browser.