Download Instabox for Mac, Windows 8/7/XP PCs & Computers

    When one is using a Windows phone or an Android phone or any device for that matter, one looks out for the best apps that are available round town to make the phone a better device. Ones such new application that has been noticed by the people is InstaBox which lets you add frames and items to your pictures and lets it look amazing.

    InstaBox for PC

    It actually provides you with options that you would love. Moreover these options make your pictures look incredible and give you the pleasure of sharing it on the required social networking sites so that you can also be popular amongst your social group. 

    There are different themes that are available that you can use according to the occasions and that you can put as the wallpaper of your photos. Some of them are Christmas, sweets, nature, party, children, and much more including abstract art. With the background color you can also put your picture into different frames and different sizes as the option available are more than 20.

    It can create much more than a normal picture and lets you have fun while editing. The compositions that you create can be successfully shared too. Basically anyone who loves to experiment with their pictures by provided them a new look and creating new compositions with it, this is the application that you should download and use and run it on your PC. The interface may seem distorted but it gets better when you use it continuously.


    • Interface that is provided earlier is extremely confusing.
    • Bluestacks emulator is very important to be there on the PC in order to run InstaBox.


    • The sharing with this is very simple.
    • The formats available and the wallpapers are of huge variety.
    • It is something which is extremely easy to use and can be downloaded easily.