Download HandyCall APK for Android - Latest Version

    Do you want assistance in multitasking during incoming calls? HandyCall is the tool you will cherish having chosen. The tidy floating popups that neatly display all incoming call details and enable you to execute your decisions with just that simple popup. 

    HandyCall APK

    With this popup you can do everything you can need to do in response of an incoming call:

    • Answer the call
    • Reject the call
    • Mute the ringtone
    • Toggle the speaker button
    • Hide the popup itself
    • Get back to the default phone app

    HandyCall comes with some amazingly useful features that help you keep the app just the way you want it. You can choose style of the popup from many options and also customize the configuration and decide the position where it should appear.

    HandyCall Features

    Here are the features that are available for the purpose

    • Two amazing styles.
    • Options available for the popup position.
    • Call multitasking options.
    • Applying Android L style.
    • Customizable transparency of the popup.
    • Options to turn the app off after a period of time that suits you.
    • Option to use the default phone app or the HandyCall for various contexts.
    • Option to show messages and call history of the incoming call.

    Version 1.4.1 introduced many new languages including Arabic, French, Russian, Serbian, Polish and Vietnamese. It had also introduced the ‘Reject call with a message’ option. The new version 1.4.2 incorporates Spanish and Portuguese and has also added a ‘Share’ button for Facebook.

    The app takes about 1.2MB space and needs Android 4.0 or newer versions of Android OS. It was last updated on July 28, 2014. Download this app for free and make your basic call handling actions easier.