How to Delete Recent Search List in Safari for Mac

    Follow the guide on how to delete recent Search list in Safari for Mac.

    The list of recent search items is there on all web browsers for easy reference. On Safari you can see the browser history on clicking the URL bar. It shows 10 recently searched web items or phrases by default.

    Delete Recent Search List in Safari for Mac

    While it is convenient to retrieve a recently searched item due to this, it also becomes inconvenient for privacy issues. Therefore, on every web browser, there are options for removing the record of search items from the history, either fully or by selecting precisely what you do not want to show.

    Here is how you do it on Safari for Mac -

    • Open a new window in Safari browser.
    • Click on the URL bar.
    • Check for the ‘Recent Searches’ menu that contains all that you want to delete. You might need to ‘Delete’ any existing URL to make the ‘Recent Searches’ menu visible.
    • At the bottom of the list, you will find the ‘Clear Recent Searches’ option. One click at this will get your work done.

    It is very simple, and you might have looked for such an option all over the page but not found it because the fonts make the options like Ninjas on Safari. To confirm that it worked, click back on the URL bar again, and it will be clean and blank.

    If you want a thorough clean-up of all details on Safari, you can clear out all the general browsing history and even dump the Safari Cookies. This is simple too:

    • Drag down the ‘Safari’ menu.
    • Click on ‘Preferences
    • Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab.
    • Select ‘Remove all Website Data’ adjacent to the ‘Cookies and other website data’.
    • A popup appears to confirm, check that pop-up and your work is done.

    This works for all modern versions of OS X and Safari.