Top 5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android 2024

    A list of 5 top best Android Music streaming apps that you can download on your Android phones and tablets.

    Music Streaming has picked up speed very quickly. There was a time when people used to download the songs on their mobile phones and play them on the go. But with the advancement of technology and the Internet becoming cheap day by day, online content has picked up speed.

    Firstly, how much do you understand the term Music Streaming? People use this term very often. But many are still unaware of what exactly this means. Music Streaming uses the live Internet to play songs. You can pick any song you like and the song would buffer and get played simultaneously. You need to worry about the hassle of downloading the song over a slow internet and wait for it to get played. If you don’t like the song, simply switch to another. No memory would be used.

    Before you stream, you might want to check which are the top songs in the Market right now. And for that, you can visit here to find out some of the top-ranked music before you start streaming them online.

    Ever since this concept came into play, many people have switched to listening to live music. And hence, a lot of companies have released their music streaming applications in order to assist this. One plus point of this concept is it helps curb piracy. Through these apps, the singers are getting paid for their efforts.

    All the applications enable the user to listen to music free of cost. But that happens only when you have a working internet connection. In case you want to download the songs through these apps, then some of them offer these premium services as well.

    While some of the apps allow you to download the songs for free on a basic condition, some ask for a little premium for enabling the download function.

    Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

    Below is the list of 5 top Android Music streaming apps that you can download on your Android phones. More than 1 app is surely recommended, since you may not find all the songs at 1 place.


    This is one of the most popular applications in India. Here you can stream music for free. You will also find the latest songs for both Hindi and English languages. The drawback of this app is its uncomfortable user interface. But other than that, it has an amazing collection of playlists catering to various moods and singers. A lot of remixes are also available on Saavn.

    You can stream music online for free. But if you want to download the songs to listen without an Internet connection, you need to purchase a subscription.

    Wynk Music

    Wynk Music is an initiative of Airtel. This is also one of the most widely used apps. Its interface is comparatively easier to use than Saavn. In Wynk, you can create several playlists of your own, which will work on the internet connection only. You can even download the songs for free if you have an Airtel connection. Otherwise, you need to buy a subscription.

    Even when you download the songs using an Airtel connection, you will observe several advertisements between the songs. If you want to eliminate those, then you also would have to purchase a subscription.


    This is an initiative of Times of India. This is the 1st Indian music streaming platform. While Saavn and Wynk are American platforms. This app is more inclined towards the Indian audience. You will find primarily Hindi songs, and many regional songs as well. Just like other apps, Saavn also allows you to listen to online music for free. But again, for downloading the songs, you need to pay.

    Along with that, there are several playlists that are already a part of Gaana. If you are in a mood to listen to a particular genre of songs or a particular singer, you can easily listen here. gained a lot of popularity once it started streaming Punjabi songs. And since then it is one of the prime destinations for fans of Punjabi music. Some of the most popular and trending Punjabi music can be found on Bestoftheyear Website.

    Amazon Music

    As evident from the name itself, this is an initiative of Amazon. But it does not offer you free music streaming. You need to have an Amazon account, to be eligible to listen to these songs.

    It allows you to download up to 250 songs for free from anywhere on the internet. If you want to download more songs, you need to purchase those songs.

    Jio Music

    This is the latest addition to online music streaming. It has millions of songs catering to a various genre, singers, moods and even languages. If you keep listening to your favorite songs, then after a certain time, Jio Music will itself recommend you various other songs based on your liking. It is personalized according to each user’s taste.

    Overall, these are some of the best Music Streaming apps for your Android phones. You can listen to any kinds of song in Hindi, English or even some local regional languages. If you are not satisfied with any, then YouTube is always an available option. Whether you find a song on any of the above apps or not, you will definitely find it on YouTube.