5 Best Google Maps Alternatives 2024

    Google Maps alternatives 2024: Google Maps is the most popular virtual mapping service over the internet but that should not stop people from exploring more options, especially when they function just as well. What if Google Maps suddenly stops responding when you need it most?

    Best Google Maps Alternatives:

    Keeping an alternative does not hurt. So here are the 5 top alternatives for Google Maps that will never let you feel you are settling for less -

    Yahoo! Maps

    This is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a suitable alternative for Google Maps. The fan list of Yahoo! Maps has been expanding ever since its launch in 2007. You can search for directions and find locations and also get all necessary information about the locality. You can check for traffic updates in real time too. Yahoo! Maps offers you no less than Google Maps.  


    Search for any place and its satellite view, get terrain and panoramic views as well from Wikipedia’s Map app. The information provided on WikiMapia is the most reliable because it is updated by real users and reviewed by moderators to ensure the information is true.

    Bing Maps

    If you haven’t heard of this one yet you are just have not been interested in alternative map options yet because Bing is almost at par with Google on its Map front. This service from Microsoft enables you to get all general information for over 70 cities worldwide.

    You can locate new places, navigate different ways to a destination depending on your mode of transport, and get a convenient aerial view fit to scale. The real-like 3D view and local checks on real-time give this service an edge over the others in respect of features.

    Nokia Maps

    After acquiring the 3D modeling company Earthmine, Nokia Maps has shot back in the market and is taking on its Mapping counterparts straight away. Although the availability is not widespread for all, the variety of the maps available is good quality and the presentation is life-like to help trace the locations conveniently.

    The 3D view and satellite view are best on Nokia Maps without a doubt. The best feature is the showing up of all places of possible interest around the area you are in. This starts off as soon as you run the application and gives you the true ‘Here’ experience.


    Cyclomedia uses its very own cars fitted with special cameras on the top and captures cities, states, and countries in their cameras and puts them together to give the most vivid maps with exact details. You too can contribute to Cyclomedia simply by capturing the places you go to or where you stay.

    Their service might not provide you with everything you need from a Mapping service but it is getting there and it is getting there in the most unique, interesting, and naturalistic way possible.

    Other Google Maps Alternatives you can try are -

    • TerraServer-USA
    • Roadtrippers
    • Yandex Maps
    • WoNaBo
    • OneMap

    So, which of these Google Maps alternatives are you using currently?