5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows PC [Free Tools]

    Check the best Data Recovery software for Windows PCs.

    Saving and creating a backup of the data present in the computers is definitely an important task which everybody has to follow. Important data can get deleted either intentionally or accidentally. If there is no backup available, then data gets lost permanently without any chance of recovering them.

    Recovering lost files using professional data recovery software is an expensive affair without any assurance of successfully recovering the data. There is multiple data recovery software available which helps in recovering the files permanently from recycle bin and even from USB drives and memory cards. Mentioned below are some of them -


    Recuva is one of the best data recovery software available online for Windows PC. This file recovery software helps the users to undelete the files, get the data recovered from damaged or formatted disks, recover deleted mails, unsaved word documents, iPod music, etc. in a really quick time.

    Files can also be recovered from damaged external devices. The trial version is available for free whereas the professional version comes at a cost.

    Glary Undelete

    Glary Undelete is another free and powerful data recovery tool which can recover files quite efficiently. This recovery tool supports FAT, NTFS, NTFS + EFS file systems. The tool can also help the users to recover compressed, fragmented and encrypted files on NTFS. Like recuva, Glary Undelete can recover the deleted files from recycle bin or from damaged external devices.

    The tool has a simple and easy to use dashboard which allows the users to filter them by file name, data, size and recovery state. It supports from Windows 98 to Vista.

    Puran File Recovery

    Puran File Recovery is designed by Puran Software which is an Indian company. Puran file recovery tool is extremely simple and straightforward to use. Just download the software and to use it, simply choose the drive from where the data is required to be recovered and click on scan.

    The tool will then recover the lost partitions only if they have not been overwritten. Puran file recovery optimizes computer and automatically defrag and improve performance of the hard drives.

    Pandora Recovery

    With the help of Pandora Recovery, users can find and recover recoverable files from NTFS and FTS files. The tool scans the hard drive and creates an index of the deleted and existing files and folders. The users can then refer to a user friendly interface in which the files are listed and then they have a full control on which files to be recovered and from which destination.

    The search functionality in the dashboard help to find the files using full or partial name or by file size or by access date.

    Windows System Restore

    Restoration recovery tool is one and may be the only tool available for recovering files if anybody is using older versions of Windows, i.e. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and even Vista.

    Restoration file recovery tool can easily recover the files from hard drives and external storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, etc.

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