Android Device Manager for Ubuntu – Manage Android on Linux

    Linux Android phone manager: Download Android Device Manager for Ubuntu to Manage Android on Linux.

    Google's latest mobile operating system, namely Android is a popular platform and for those who have moved to Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu, it will be hard for the first time users to manage their Android smartphone or tablet or phablet from their PC running Ubuntu latest version. This guide is dedicated for those who are having trouble in accessing the files on their Android device, aka we discuss on how you can easily manage Android Phone/tablet on Linux – Android device manager for Ubuntu.

    Linux Android Phone Manager

    For those who are looking to have an easy graphical user interface (GUI) without going much in depth of Linux coding via terminal, I recommend them to use AirDroid. Basically, AirDroid is a platform which allows users to access Android remotely from anyplace, anywhere.

    Features of AirDroid

    Here are the features of the Airdroid:

    • No drivers installation required

    • Quick and easy connectivity to your Android phone

    • Easily Copy, Cut, Paste Data to and fro from Android Phone to Disk Drives/Computer

    • Doesn't requires you to have USB Connection

    Managing Android from Ubuntu

    Follow the instructions mentioned below -

    • First, go to Play Store on your Android phone and download AirDroid Android app. It's just over 10 MB file and should install pretty quickly.
    • Wait for the app installation and once it's done, open it.
    • It will then give you the web address or Scan QR Code option to get Android files open on your computer.
    • Keep that as it is and now open a browser (Firefox) on Ubuntu PC.
    • Open url.
    • Tap on Scan QR Code on your phone and point your phone's rear camera to your PC's opened site's Qr code.
    • This will enable remote connection to your device from your PC.

    Once the AirDroid connection is established you will be able to do the following -

    • Manage Files, Folders on Android and transfer from computer to Android and vice-versa.
    • View and Manage photos.
    • View and Edit contacts as well
    • View, edit, delete SMS
    • Manage(import/export) .Apk files
    • Access call logs too
    • Take Screenshot (Root access required on phone)
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