How to Download iMovie for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Mac

    iMovie for Windows: There are so many things that one wants when they are using MAC or any other PC. One wants to download pictures and make movies and do everything possible that they can do with the device. But when one is thinking of making movies one needs the best available software so that they can make whatever they want to in a good way. If you have videos that you wish to create or ones you want to edit, iMovie is the thing that you should download. Following guide explains on how to download iMovie for Windows and Mac computers.

    Download iMovie for PC

    This is something that is absolutely free for the Apple device Mac but if you have a PC with Windows then you will need something that is similar to iMovie and not the software itself. there is a software called iMovie for Windows and it is very much similar to iMovie for PC and can be used in the same way.

    Windows movie maker will also do the needful. But the problem of stopping in between and not working at times leaves us with no option but to find a proper alternative. That is when the good option of iMovie for PC comes in. which is an all in one software and is something that will give you every possible option to deal with the movies and videos you want to create. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, a video editor which is perfect and also that it is extremely similar to the one option that you are looking for.

    Install iMovie for Mac

    One can do everything possible and then share it on the different social networks too. It also has the following features-

    1. Transitions which are more than 125 and have both 2D and 3D effects and also motion effects which can be attached to the animate plays.
    2. The styles of movies which are available are more than 480, everything that one can think of. These styles fit for any occasion and hence help in creating the kind of video u want.
    3. Sympathetic clips and clip art are also available.
    4. The movies get a special charm with the stunning effects that are available.
    5. The sound effects that are available are more than 50 and add the life to the videos.
    6. The prebuilt intros make it look like a real movie.

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    Download iMovie for Mac